Why is my blink camera not working | Blink Camera Live View Failed [ Solution ]

The ability to remotely access and view your camera live is a standout feature offered by Blink. However, encountering a failure in the Blink Camera Live View can leave you feeling completely disconnected.

In such situations, there are troubleshooting techniques and solutions available to swiftly resolve the issue. Below, we will provide instructions on how to address and rectify this problem.

blink camera not working
Why is my blink camera not working

Blink Camera not working | Blink Camera Live View Failed

The Blink camera seamlessly connects to the Blink Home Monitor, allowing users to access the live view feature. Once connected, users should be able to observe and listen to the recorded cctv footage.

Moreover, devices like Amazon Alexa can also access the Live View through voice commands, specifically on Alexa Show models.

Additionally, certain Blink cameras, such as the indoor/outdoor models, are equipped with two-way audio functionality, enabling users to communicate through the camera, akin to a walkie-talkie.

Blink Camera Live View Failed
Blink Camera

All of these features rely on the proper functioning of the Live View. Consequently, if the Blink Camera Live View fails, all the aforementioned capabilities become inaccessible.

To access the Live View, simply tap the “Live View” icon within the app to check on your camera. It is important to note that frequent usage of the Live View feature can impact the camera’s battery life.

Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the battery levels and ensure it remains adequately charged to enable consistent access to the Live View without any interruptions.

Troubleshooting Steps

If the Live View for your camera fails to appear, there may be several factors at play that are affecting its functionality. It is essential to confirm that the camera has sufficient battery power, as without it, access to the camera becomes impossible.

Moreover, using the correct AA Lithium batteries is vital, ensuring they are not rechargeable or alkaline. Rechargeable or alkaline batteries do not provide sufficient power to the camera and tend to deplete quickly.

Assuming the battery is charged and the correct batteries are installed, the issue might be related to the network connection. Factors such as distance, strength, and connectivity can significantly impact the camera’s performance.

Whether the camera is too far from the Sync Module or your home’s WiFi connection is weak, resolving the underlying issue is imperative to regain access to the Live View.

Blink Red Light Indicator

Blink has implemented a visual indicator to help users identify why the Live View is not functioning correctly. All Blink cameras come equipped with an LED indicator that displays the device’s status. Each color emitted by the LED light has a specific meaning.

For example, a blue light indicates active recording, while a red light signifies that the camera is unable to connect to your WiFi network, resulting in the inability to record or establish a Live View. If the camera is connected to the internet but experiences a weak and unstable signal, the LED light will also appear red.

You can check the signal strength of your internet through the Home Monitor app. Blink requires a minimum of three signal bars to function optimally. However, if the signal appears strong and stable, yet the Blink Camera Live View still fails, a reset may be necessary.

Resetting Instructions

Performing a reset can often resolve various issues encountered by the Blink camera. Before attempting a reset, ensure that the camera is properly connected to your network.

To reset the Sync Module:

locate the reset button positioned near the USB port on the right side of the module. Press and hold the reset button using a thin object like a paperclip. Avoid using sharp objects, as they may cause damage.

Once the LED indicator turns red, release the button. The module will display a solid green light and a flashing blue light once it has been successfully reset. You can then proceed to connect it to your wireless network.

Resetting the Blink camera:

Blink camera can also address Live View failures and other potential issues. It is important to note that this action will restore the camera to its factory default settings. Most Blink camera models have a visible reset button, typically located next to the battery slot or beneath the cover.

Locate the reset button, insert a thin object like a paperclip, and hold it down for 10 seconds. Avoid using sharp objects that could damage the camera, such as safety pins or thumbtacks. After the device has been reset, the LED lights will flash red, indicating that the camera is ready to connect to your WiFi network.

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Experiencing occasional failures in the Blink Camera Live View is not uncommon, but rest assured that resolving the issue is often straightforward. The primary factors contributing to the failure to connect are the camera’s battery type and level, as well as the internet connectivity. Nevertheless, this feature remains essential for wireless cameras like Blink, as it enables users to monitor their homes regardless of their location, thereby enhancing home security.

Always keep a close eye on battery levels and replace them with new AA Lithium batteries before embarking on extended trips or vacations. Avoid using Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries, as they are not suitable for this type of camera. If the solutions mentioned above do not resolve your issue, do not hesitate to reach out to Blink’s exceptional customer support. They will guide you through the necessary steps and help identify the problem at hand.

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