Dahua DVR default passwords And how to reset dahua dvr/nvr password

Dahua Technology, a Chinese company specializing in video surveillance products and services, offers a range of default username and password combinations for their DVR devices. These combinations provide different access privileges, as outlined in the table below.

Dahua DVR default passwords And reset dahua dvr password

Dahua DVR default passwords

Dahua Default AccountsDahua Default Passwords
rootvizxv (account when connecting via telnet)

Dahua dvr default password pattern

Nowadays, pattern lock or pattern password has also started coming in new technology DVR, NVR and Cameras like SmartPhone. Many times we throw away the user manual and we have no idea about the pattern password of CCTV. Different brands of products may have a different default pattern password, but Dahua’s default pattern password is Capital L. That is, you will have to make a capital L shaped letter by joining the pattern dot. As soon as you make this, Dahua’s device will be logged in.

Create a new strong password after logging in with the default password

Once you have successfully logged into your Dahua DVR using any of the provided login information, the system will prompt you to create a new password.

In the event that you find yourself locked out of your Dahua device due to a forgotten password, resetting the device is your only recourse.

This can be done either by pressing the reset button or by removing the battery and waiting a few minutes for a factory reset to take place.

It is crucial to prioritize the creation of strong passwords for your Dahua devices. However, it is important to note that strong and complex passwords can be a double-edged sword. While they offer enhanced security against breaches, they can also be difficult to remember.

If you struggle with recalling your login credentials, it is advisable to utilize a reliable Password Manager. Such tools can generate, encrypt, and securely store your login information and other confidential data.

You can also use our Password Generator Tool
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How to reset dahua dvr password if password forgotten

Note: A password reset may only be performed for the admin account. Instructions (NVR menu is used in this example)

Step 1.   Open the device login screen.

  • If you have set an unlock pattern, the device will first ask you to enter the pattern. Click “Forgot Unlock Pattern”, and the device will display the password login interface.
  • If you have not set an unlock pattern, the device directly displays the password interface.
How to reset dahua dvr password
How to reset dahua dvr password

Step 2. Click on Forgot password to enter the reset password interface. If you have linked an email to your admin account, the device will allow you to perform a reset password.

Step 3. Reset login password.

There are two ways to reset your password: Scan a QR code and reset by email, or by answering security questions (which is valid on local menu only).

  • Email: Follow the prompts on the interface to scan the QR code, and then input the security code you received via email.

Note: The security code sent to your email is only valid for 24 hours. Please make sure to scan the entire QR code and wait patiently for your phone to read it. We recommend using apps such as Easy4ip, QR code Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader to scan the code.

reset dahua dvr password
  • Security questions: Select “Security Question” from the “Reset Type” dropdown list at the top to select and answer security questions.
reset dahua dvr password

Step 4    Click “Next” to advance to the reset password interface.

reset dahua dvr password

Step 5    Input your new password and then confirm.

Step 6    Click “Save” to complete the setup.


Resetting the password for your Dahua DVR is a straightforward process that ensures the security and accessibility of your surveillance system

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