What is cctv camera | How many types of cctv cameras are there

CCTV cameras are found everywhere in shops, houses, offices, and banks. It is known to all that CCTV cameras are used for surveillance or security. But do you know what exactly is a CCTV camera, what components is it made up of?

what is cctv camera

Let you also be informed that in today’s time, crimes have increased a lot and at this time security of anything is very important, in such a situation, the importance of CCTV has increased a lot in the present time and such a situation, I think Everyone should keep information related to CCTV because who knows when we will need it.

That is why we have chosen to write this important article today, in which we are going to share important information with you about CCTV cameras, the full form of CCTV, types of CCTV, etc. Let’s start learning something new through this article.

What is CCTV – What is CCTV Camera

CCTV is a type of video camera whose full form is Close Circuit Television, and it is also called video surveillance. Through this, we can keep an eye on the events happening around us, it is used for the purpose of security in places like Airpot, Banks, offices, shops, homes, etc. because through this we can keep an eye on any place sitting in any place.

Let us tell you that CCTV is connected to the computer, places where there is always a need for security and monitoring, but a normal person cannot always keep an eye on them, then CCTV is mostly used in such places so that Whatever movement happens at that place, CCTV records the video and sends it to the main server computer and the main computer saves those footages in the hard disk so that they can be accessed when that footage is needed.

Let us also tell you about this the footage being recorded by CCTV keep on playing live and along with that footage are also being recorded. CCTV cameras use wire and wireless transmission to send signals to the recording and one of its specialties is that Night Vision Capability is present in CCTV to record footage in the dark and in places where light works.

How CCTV was invented (History)

If we look at the history of CCTV according to Wikipedia, the CCTV system was developed in 1927 by a Russian physicist named Léon Theremin, but apart from this, we do not see its name anywhere.

Now we know about the invention of the CCTV camera, then tell you that a German electrical engineer named Walter Bruch invented CCTV for the first time in 1942 to monitor the V-2 rocket, later after 7 years In 1949, it started being used for business purposes, at the same time the American Government Contractor Varican promoted CCTV and made the whole world aware of it.

But at this time there were two major shortcomings in CCTV, in which the first storage problem means that no hard disk, memory card, etc. was invented at that time, due to which we could only do live monitoring from CCTV, by recording the footage. Couldn’t keep

The second drawback was that the feature of Multiflexing was not present this means if one monitor was required for one CCTV camera, we could not see the footage of more than one CCTV camera on the same monitor, in this case, we would have to have one for each CCTV camera. A monitor was required.

To overcome the problem of further storage, PVR (Primitive Video Recording) came which we know as Reel and after that more than one storage technology came, and currently, DVR (Digital Video Recording) and NVR (Network Video Recording) are used in which the facility of Multiflexing is also available.

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How many types of CCTV are there?

If we see, there are mainly three types of CCTV, but apart from these three types, different types of CCTV cameras are also available in the market, but before that, we know about three main types of CCTV –

cctv camera type
CCTV Camera Type

1. Analogue CCTV Camera. This type of CCTV camera is very different from the rest of the CCTV cameras, meaning they are generally the same in appearance but there is a difference in the system. TVL technology is used in this and BNC Connector is used in it. With this type of CCTV camera, we can see the view directly on the monitor, it sends footage to VCRs and DCRs cable.

Its advantages –

  • This type of CCTV camera is cheaper than other CCTV cameras.
  • The user interface of such CCTV cameras is very simple.
  • Installing Analogue CCTV cameras is easier than other CCTV cameras.

Its disadvantages –

  • In Analogue CCTV Camera, we need one monitor for each camera, we cannot see the footage of Multiple CCTV on the same monitor.
  • There is no encryption in it, due to which hackers easily hack this type of CCTV.
  • In this, we need many different types of cables.

2. IP CCTV Camera. IP stands for Internet Protocols, so this camera is called because IP CCTV cameras are Identified through Internet Protocols. This type of CCTV camera is also called Digital Camera, it is quite different from Analogue CCTV Camera because It works on a digital signal, and in this, we do not need any kind of DVR cable, we can run it on a computer also.

Its advantages –

  • In this type of upcoming CCTV camera, much better video quality is available than Analogue CCTV cameras.
  • It does not require different types of cables to install.
  • It is also very easy to install.
  • We get new Advance Features in IP Camera.
  • We can operate this type of IP camera from anywhere.

Its disadvantages –

  • They are costlier than Analogue CCTV cameras.
  • For the IP camera, we need internet.
  • We need more storage for this type of CCTV camera because its footages are of a very high standard, due to which their size is also more.

3. Wireless CCTV Camera. This is a type of Advance CCTV camera in which we do not need any kind of wire because it is a wireless CCTV camera. This type of CCTV camera works on both IP and WI-FI technology, due to which only We can access the footage without any wire.

Its advantages –

  • We do not need any kind of wire in wireless CCTV cameras.
  • Wireless CCTV cameras can be installed at any place at any time.
  • Installing this type of CCTV camera is very easy.

Its disadvantages –

  • For this type of CCTV camera, we need internet, without this, we cannot see live footage of CCTV.
  • Wireless CCTV cameras are very expensive.

Different Varieties of CCTV Cameras

There are mainly three types of CCTV cameras but different Varieties are available in the market like –

  • Dome CCTV Camera. You must have seen this type of camera around you, it is half round, hence it is called Dome. It looks much better and it maintains the beauty of the house or office. These are often installed mostly in banks, homes, and shops.
  • Bullet CCTV Camera. It looks exactly like a cylinder and is connected to the pole at the back, such cameras are mostly installed in outdoor places like parking, outside the office, etc. The quality of this type of camera is very good.
  • PTZ CCTV Camera. Its full name is Pan Till Zoom CCTV camera, it is quite different from the rest of Variety’s because Zoom facility is not available in most CCTV cameras, but with the help of this we can see in any direction, can zoom, and can focus on the area.
  • Day/Night CCTV Camera. This is also a very good CCTV camera because in this we can capture the footage of both day and night, but it captures the footage of the day in color and the footage of the night in Black & White, it is mostly used in Outdoors.
  • C-mount CCTV camera. This is a very different type of CCTV camera because we can change the lens of this CCTV camera and the image quality of this CCTV camera is much better but at the same time its size is slightly bigger which is better to see.
  • Hidden Camera: A hidden camera is a special type of camera that is hidden or disguised so that people can’t easily see it. It’s used to secretly record videos or audio without people knowing. These cameras are usually small and made to look like everyday objects, like pens, clocks, or things you’d find in a house.

If you are concerned about your privacy and afraid after knowing about hidden cameras, don’t worry you can find a hidden camera by yourself, if you feel there is any spy camera around you.

At present, the utility and importance of CCTV camera is very high in every field, in such a situation, there are many advantages of CCTV which are given below –

Advantages of CCTV

  • Due to CCTV, in today’s time, we are able to keep an eye on the actions of people in public places, due to which crimes are reduced.
  • With the advent of CCTV, people who commit crimes can be easily traced.
  • With the help of CCTV, such places where there is work to be done and valuables are present in those places, they can now be kept safe.
  • With the help of CCTV, we can easily monitor any place by sitting anywhere.


By the way, all CCTV cameras seem to be of the same type, but in reality, CCTV cameras are of different types and different varieties, now it is expected that through this article you have come to know about CCTV cameras. And this article must have proved to be very beneficial for you. If all of you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, then definitely tell that by writing in the comment below.

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